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Cool stuff: "Dynamic psychology" and "social mind" in 1913

Wells, F. L. (1913). Dynamic psychology. Psychological Bulletin, 10(11), 434-440.


Reviews research on dynamic psychology (1912-1913). Watson's contribution to behaviorism came about since he felt that there was no realm of application for the principles which were being worked out in content terms. Angell's paper supplemented Watson's, as it is useful in explaining introspection, which in Watson's paper centered about the 'language method in behavior'. Formulations of the concept of autistic thinking and the theory and practice of measuring mental work are provided. Experimental data shows the effects of small mental operations, and of the work incidental to examination periods. In a study of mental processes, episodes of 'confusion' were more frequent in the women than in the men. Burrow has contributed a paper on the consequences of a far-reaching penetration of the present psychoanalytical doctrines into the social mind, pointing out the necessary subversion of religious beliefs.

Source: http://psycnet.apa.org/record/1926-02278-001 ; https://sci-hub.tw/10.1037/h0075845

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